McNabb advises Cutler on how to handle overly affectionate fans
Updated: November 23, 2009

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Andy Reid shook up the football world on Sunday by allowing LeSean McCoy to run downfield with a football in his arm for the go-ahead touchdown as the Eagles went on to edge the Bears 24-20. The bigger story came after the game, when Donovan McNabb pulled Jay Cutler aside at midfield to discuss their shared experiences as beloved and well-respected quarterbacks.

Though Cutler leads the NFL with 18 interceptions, the Chicago fan base has rallied behind their quarterback in a way that reminded McNabb of his own fans back in Philly.

“Jay and I have a lot in common…we’re two very fortunate guys,” McNabb said in a post-game interview. “Most fans ‘boo’ when their players screw up, but the way our fans ‘ooo’ and ‘ahh’ just shows how much they love what we do out there. I pulled Jay aside because the Chicago fans have been on his nuts extra hard this season and I just wanted to make sure he stays level-headed about it.”

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