Sources: Jayson Werth close to giving Red Sox them digits
Updated: November 11, 2010

By Zaki,

After several days of trying to holla at free agent Jayson Werth, the Red Sox are finally close to getting them digits from the outfielder, team sources report.

“At first, they was like ‘Ay yo shawty, lemme holla at you for a minute.’ But Werth wasn’t tryin’ to hear all that,” one source said of the team’s previous attempts to court the All-Star. “But then, it was like ‘Baby, all I wanna do is get to know you a little better, nah mean?’ That’s when they got to conversatin’.”

Werth said Thursday that “it’s OK”  that the Red Sox are likely only into him because he is a professional baseball player since he is only drawn to the team for their money.

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