Study links Andy Reid to Eagles’ Super Bowl drought
Updated: January 18, 2011

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A study conducted by the Philadelphia Research & Historical Movement (or PHIRE HIM) found a possible link between Andy Reid and the Eagles’ inability to win a Super Bowl, which could drastically change absolutely nothing about the Eagles’ views on Andy Reid.

“We carefully studied 12 separate seasons in which the Eagles did not win the Super Bowl and all 12 tested positive for Andy Reid,” said Shawn Batuik, head researcher for PHIRE HIM. “It is important to note that while we have discovered a link, we are still unsure what causes Andy Reid to prevent championship parades down Broad Street, but the evidence currently suggests that he may not know how to coach a professional football team.”

A similar study in 2009 found that the Eagles were 100% less likely to win a Super Bowl with Donovan McNabb, which led to a trade with the Redskins.

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