Phils offense can’t survive without Rollins, by Joey Bagadonuts

April 14, 2010 by Joey Bagadonuts  
Filed under Analysis & Opinions

I can’t believe this is happening right now. Jimmy Rollins, the spark plug of the entire Phils offense, is headed to the DL and we’re stuck with Juan freakin Castro as his replacement.

Jimmy was off to the best start of his career and so were the Phillies. You think that’s just a coincidence? Hell no. Without him in there, the offense is in the toilet. Who do we have to replace him at the top of the order? Shane Victorino? I love Shane, but he’s no Jimmy. Nobody can replace Jimmy. Jimmy can’t even replace Jimmy.

Jimmy’s On-Base Percentage is .516, which is like six times higher than Shane’s .212 percentage.  You’re telling me that the Phillies are going to be just as good with someone that gets on base a fraction of the time that Rollins does? I don’t think so. Even if Shane gets his On-Base up to .300, that’s still not gonna cut it. There’s no way a team can make it to the playoffs with their leadoff hitter at .300.

Right now, the Phils are scoring 7.14 runs per game and without Jimmy, I look for that number to drop by about 3 runs. That means the pitchers are going to have to work extra hard just to keep the team in the game. And with the pitchers working extra hard, they’re gonna get worn out by the time the playoffs come around and we may not be able to recover. With Jimmy going down, our playoff hopes are in the can right now.

They are saying he’ll be gone 2-4 weeks, but a lot could happen in that time. I just hope the Fightins will still be in first place by the time he gets back. But I know one thing: The Phils are in serious trouble.