Report: Sixers ‘totally willing’ to kill Iguodala to get Anthony

September 29, 2010 by Zaki  
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The 76ers have reportedly contacted the Denver Nuggets about a deal for star forward Carmelo Anthony and are willing to kill swingman Andre Iguodala to make it happen.

“My sources tell me that the Sixers are willing to go as far as killing Iguodala if it meant that Carmelo would be a Sixer,” ESPN’s Mark Stein said on Wednesday. “The Nuggets would also receive actual players from the Sixers and a possible draft pick, but the death of Iguodala seems to be the centerpiece of the deal.”

The Nuggets have yet to respond to the snuff-and-trade deal, but Sixers have reportedly contacted the other 28 NBA teams with a similar offer to maim Iguodala in exchange for any player at all.