Prank has McNabb missing Philly fans
Updated: January 22, 2009

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Two Arizona Cardinals fans were arrested after vandalizing the Arizona home of Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb. Rex Michael Perkins and Ryan Hanlon poured diesel fuel on McNabb’s lawn to spell out “Go Kurt” and “Go Cards” but it was a cardboard sign reading “Go Cards” and “Beat Philly” left in the yard that led police to the home of the criminal masterminds. The sign also featured a sticker with the home address of one of the men, both of their social security numbers, ATM pin numbers and a line reading “taxes r 4 suckerz.”

“As much as I would love to be able to team up with a freak of a player like [Larry] Fitzgerald when my contract is up, I can’t play in front of fans that don’t know how to get away with a simple prank,” Donovan McNabb said. “The police still haven’t figured out who used to leave a lit bag of dog [expletive] on my doorstep in New Jersey every Friday night for like five years straight. Philly fans definitely know how to prank.”

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