Cardinals deny hiring outside help to try and unload Boldin before draft

Early reports from ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio indicated that the Cardinals were willing to lower their asking price for star receiver Anquan Boldin. Rumors elsewhere suggested that the Cardinals had hired an outside agent to try and unload the wideout before Saturday’s NFL Draft.

It now appears as if each of the reports were fabricated — or at least one of them — as the Cardinals have denied any change in their stance on trading Boldin.

“We are still open to trading Anquan, but this stuff about hiring Sleazy Pete to unload him for us is nonsense,” said Cardinals GM Rod Graves.

Boldin to Eagles talks stall after revelation that the WR may actually improve team

The Arizona Cardinals announced Wednesday that they are willing to listen to trade offers for their Pro Bowl wide receiver Anquan Boldin. The Eagles were rumored to be interested in Boldin, but the team’s interest may be dying because of the wideout’s hefty price tag and the unfortunate, yet inevitable rise in the standings they may experience as a result of acquiring him.

“The Eagles are a business…and it wouldn’t make sense for us to put a better team on the field when we’re selling out every game,” said Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie…

Prank has McNabb missing Philly fans

Two Arizona Cardinals fans were arrested after vandalizing the Arizona home of Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb. Rex Michael Perkins and Ryan Hanlon poured diesel fuel on McNabb’s lawn to spell out “Go Kurt” and “Go Cards” but it was a cardboard sign reading “Go Cards” and “Beat Philly” left in the yard that led police [...]

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