Kapono already tired of being called ‘our new Korver’
Updated: June 11, 2009

By , PhillyGameday.com

Jason Kapono has only been a 76er for two days now, but has already grown tired of being called ‘this year’s Korver’ and ‘our new white guy that mostly just shoots threes and does little else’.

Kapono and former Sixer Kyle Korver may be the same age, same height, same weight, same position, same catch-and-shoot three-point-shooting style, same first letter in their first name, same amount of NBA experience and same complexion but that’s where the similarities end.  Kapono is a two-time NBA All-Star Three-Point Shootout Contest winner, won an actual NBA title with the Heat in 2006 and is currently tied for first with Steve Kerr for the highest career three-point percentage in NBA history at .454.

“We’re overjoyed to finally get our hands on an outside shooter again,” said GM Ed Stefanski. “I just want to make it clear that the Korver comparisons are unfair, though. He’s more like the bizarro Iverson . . . not all that fast, but can shoot his ass off.”

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