Reid accuses Jets of tampering with his bag of potato chips
Updated: September 22, 2009

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First the 49ers accuse the Jets of tampering, claiming they spoke with Crabtree’s agent. Today, Andy Reid has jumped in the mix, claiming that the Jets tampered with his bag of potato chips.

“I know I had a fresh bag of potato chips in my office,” said Reid. “Believe me, I’d remember eating half a bag. I’m pretty sure I saw some guy in a Jets hat sneaking out with some of my potato chips and I’m not too happy about it.”

Jets coach, Rex Ryan, says that these claims are completely false.

“What, these chips? No, no, I got these from the store myself,” said Ryan, wiping crumbs from his face. “These claims that the Jets would tamper with another coaches bag of potato chips are baseless and false.”

Andy Reid wants to make it clear that Rex Ryan and the Jets have not heard the last of this.

“I hope we meet them for the Super Bowl. Not playing in the actual game, but at a Super Bowl party. Then we can all enjoy as many chips as we want.”

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