Reid to NFL: Vick perfect for wildcat, stuff like that

In an effort to spur interest in a potential trade for Michael Vick, Andy Reid announced to the rest of the NFL that Vick is “perfect for the wildcat, and other stuff like that.” Reid is certain several teams will be intrigued... [Read more...]

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Eagles ask Westbrook to go halfsies on medical bills

One week after releasing two-time Pro Bowl runningback Brian Westbrook without so much as a phone call from team President Joe Banner or owner Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles requested that Westbrook also go... [Read more]

DeSean Jackson now doing everything in sixty-yard bursts

Having tied the NFL record for fifty-plus yard touchdowns in a season after adding two more long touchdowns yesterday, DeSean Jackson has begun to take the whole ‘big-play’ thing to extremes,... [Read more]

My freakishly swollen hand is fine, says Victorino

After getting hit on the hand by an A.J. Burnett fastball in the first inning, many are wondering if Shane Victorino will be ready to play for the Phillies in Game 6. Victorino says that he will be ready... [Read more]

Cautious Elton Brand guarding against injury

Elton Brand has suffered some pretty serious injuries in the past couple years, an achilles tendon rupture in 2007-08 and a dislocated shoulder requiring surgery in 2008-09. This season, Brand is not taking... [Read more]

Mets fan depressed by Yankees-Phillies series, being a Mets fan

Garrett Brookston, a 36-year-old Mets fan from Tuckahoe, New York is taking the Yankees-Phillies World Series match-up pretty hard. But he says that pales in comparison to the depression that comes from... [Read more]

Reid diversifies pass-heavy offense with new, exciting short pass

Eagles head coach Andy Reid is no stranger to criticism regarding the lack of diversity in his offense, which has a habit of being pass happy at times. Today, Reid announced that he is looking to diversify... [Read more]

Westbrook shows up for Monday MRI out of habit

Brian Westbrook, as well as Donovan McNabb, returned from injury yesterday and helped lead the Eagles to a 33-14 win over the Buccaneers. Both players avoided further injury, however Westbrook arrived... [Read more]

Jackson celebrates tooth brushing with backhand triple somersault

DeSean Jackson is no stranger to celebrations. Last year he even celebrated a touchdown before he crossed the goal line. After his latest touchdown which involved a cartwheel into a split in the end zone,... [Read more]

ESPN preparing feverishly for overanalysis of Vick

Following the announcement by Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg that Michael Vick will play this weekend, ESPN has begun feverish preparations to overanalyze the 15 or so plays Vick will participate... [Read more]

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