Jackson celebrates tooth brushing with backhand triple somersault
Updated: September 30, 2009

By , RealFakeSports.com

DeSean JacksonDeSean Jackson is no stranger to celebrations. Last year he even celebrated a touchdown before he crossed the goal line. After his latest touchdown which involved a cartwheel into a split in the end zone, teammates even told him to cool it. But Jackson says he can’t help it, and celebrated his morning tooth brushing with a backhand triple somersault.

“I love celebrating!” said an ecstatic Jackson after putting away his toothbrush. “Just look at how awesome I am at brushing my teeth! Just look!”

Scoring touchdowns and brushing his teeth are not the only things that Jackson celebrates with risky gymnastics type maneuvers. Rumors are floating around the Eagles locker room that he is planning a pike position double somersault for starting his car and a back handspring somersault one and a half twist for properly placing his dishes in the dishwasher after eating dinner at home.

Andy is a contributor to PhillyGameday.com and the editor and sole writer for the sports satire and parody blog Real Fake Sports.

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