McNabb: Eagles face ‘should-win’ game against Redskins
Updated: November 25, 2009

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Donovan McNabbLast week, Donovan McNabb called for a ‘must-win’ game against the Bears and the Eagles responded by barely beating them. This week, McNabb will try and rally his team by calling for a ‘should-win’ game against a banged-up and tragically awful Redskins team.

“We’ve faced a couple of these ‘should-win’ situations this year and haven’t done too well,” McNabb said. “There’s just something about being the overwhelming favorite and having way more talent than the other team that just set’s us up for failure. Hopefully, we’ll turn things around this week.”

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One Response to “McNabb: Eagles face ‘should-win’ game against Redskins”

  1. raoool on November 28th, 2009 12:55 pm

    The emotional energy the man expends in anticipation of this big time matchup will surely manifest itself during the game. I’m sure we’ll get to see Donovan at his most… well.. McNabbest. Fortunately, there’s a re-broadcast of the Wizard of Oz at the same time should Donovan indeed appear in name only yet again.

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