Michael Vick bored with football, will try something else now
Updated: November 16, 2010

By , PhillyGameday.com

Bored out of his mind with shredding defenses and shattering records every week, Michael Vick announced Tuesday that he will step away from the game to find something more challenging to do with his time.

“You ever feel so bored that you just wanna throw stuff?” said Vick, who threw four touchdown passes against the Redskins out of pure boredom. “I’ve just reached a point in my career where I’m tired of hearing ‘First down!’ all the time.”

While Vick didn’t completely rule out a return to the NFL at some point, he did say the league would have to make serious changes to the way the game is played and suggested they “throw some bears out there…somethin’.”

“(Yawn),” Vick added.

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