Report: Phillies fanbase shows concern for Cole Hamels
Updated: June 16, 2011

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After a long history of callous behavior toward Cole Hamels, Phillies fans are now reportedly showing concern for the starting pitcher’s well-being after he left Tuesday’s start against the Marlins in the eighth inning with tightness in the middle of his back.

While Hamels maintains that he is healthy and will make his next start, Phillies sources indicate that the team continues to receive well-wishes and endless requests from fans to see if there is anything they can do for the 2008 World Series MVP.

The sudden outpouring of love for Hamels comes after years of torment by fans, including an incident in 2009 where the pitcher suffered compound fractures in both legs, but was booed off the field after giving up six runs in four innings of work.

Experts have speculated that the recent concern is due to Hamels’ team-leading 2.49 ERA and league-leading nine wins, but many fans say this is not the case.

“Two years ago, Cole could’ve won 30 games and I wouldn’t care if he was run over by a bus,” said long-time Phillies fan Rob Cohen. “Now it’s different. I’m not gonna say I love the guy or anything, but I definitely don’t want him to get run over by a bus anymore. That’s something, at least.”

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