Mets place Francisco Rodriguez on 15-day LOL list

August 12, 2010 by  
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New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez is in police custody after physically assaulting his father-in-law and will be placed on the 15-day LOL list as a result.

According to police, the assault occurred after the Mets’ 6-2 loss to the Rockies Wednesday night. Team officials later confirmed that due to the incident, the Mets had no other choice but to LOL Rodriguez.

Rodriguez joins teammates Carlos Beltran, Jeff Francoeur, Johan Santana, David Wright, R.A. Dickey, Jose Reyes, Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez, John Maine, Jason Bay and the rest of the Mets organization on the LOL list and will likely remain there well beyond the minimum 15 days.

Hamels lists Mets as least threatening team, just below Puppy Bowlers

February 18, 2009 by  
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Amid the recent comments made by Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez about the completely one-sided Phillies/Mets rivalry, Cole Hamels was asked by a fan to rank the toughest teams in the league for the upcoming season.

“I think the Phillies are definitely at the top of the list right now,” Hamels answered. “The last team besides us to win a World Series was the 2007 Red Sox and that was like a thousand years ago.”

Hamels was then prodded by the fan to give his position for the Mets on his list.

“Until you mentioned them just now, I honestly forgot that they were actually still a major league team,” Hamels said. “With all of the choking they do, it’s really hard to put them on any list with respectable teams like the Phillies. But if I had to rank them, they would probably be somewhere between those Puppy Bowl puppies and the Pirates.”