Philly NAACP set to protest rogue fan’s apathy toward Vick

August 28, 2009 by Zaki  
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The Eagles may have to deal with a second protest by the Philadelphia NAACP at their home opener against the Saints on September 20.

During a scheduled protest in support of Michael Vick, local NAACP head J. Whyatt Mondesire expressed his disappointment in one lone fan’s rather calm indifference when Vick was first introduced.

“The way this so-called fan just stood there as everyone around him showered Michael [Vick] with a gracious standing ovation for being a playmaking athlete just shows you that he still needs our help and support,” said Mondesire on Friday. “It’s because of fans like this that we still have a lot of work to do.”

Following his release from home confinement on July 20, Vick suffered through a bitter jobless period of approximately 25 days before signing a two-year deal with the Eagles worth up to $9.8 million — the equivalent of an I.O.U. welfare check and expired Jiffy Lube coupons compared to the $130 million contract extension he signed with the Falcons in 2004.

“No one should have to wait 25 days to get a job after being in jail for two years.” Mondesire continued.  “He’s been unfairly treated by pockets of protesters and exploited by the media as some kind of potential feel-good story ever since he was released from prison. I thought this was America where we treat our felons like royalty as long as they can drop back facing a zone blitz and still hit their tight end for a first down. Is this China? Are we in China now?”