Is DeSean Jackson a ‘Diva’, or do we just hate him ’cause we ain’t him?
Updated: December 2, 2010

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Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson has recently been called a ‘Diva’ for his behavior on and off the football field, but is this label entirely fair? What measuring stick should we use to determine if one person is more a ‘Diva’ than the next? More importantly, should the fact that we ain’t Jackson and therefore may hate the Pro Bowler factor into this equation?

Let’s quickly review the facts.

First, Jackson will earn $480,000 this season and while a true Diva would undoubtedly pout his Diva lips, stomp his Diva feet and refuse to cooperate until he earns more money, the fact of the matter is that most of us ain’t him and do not earn anywhere near $480,000 annually. If the majority of the populace earned $480,000, would we see him as a Diva, or simply as a gentleman trying his best to stack this paper?

Second, Jackson is one of the premier receivers in the premier football league on the globe. As a natural born U.S. citizen, is it not his right to use his Diva phone to demand to his Diva agent that he be paid as such? Or are we, as people that ain’t Jackson, hatin’ just a little too hard right now by asking that he just play out his rookie contract that he agreed to which is still higher than anything most of us will ever earn in our lifetimes?

In order to truly get to the bottom of this situation, we have to ask ourselves why we are not DeSean Jackson.

Is it because we were too busy hatin’ on him from an early age that we forgot to focus on our own success? Could it be that stuntin’ is a habit that the rest of us were not born with? Or is it simply because there can only be one DeSean Jackson?

Let us, for a moment, submit that Jackson is, in fact, a Diva. What do we have to lose should this be the clear case? Are Divas not some of the most entertaining people on this planet? If not for Divas, who would the children of irresponsible parents look up to?

It is also entirely possible that Jackson is a Diva, while at the same time, a recipient of hate because we ain’t him, as well. If this is the case, then how are we to judge the other party if we are both in the wrong. Is there a moral obligation to stop sweatin’ each other and do the right thing?

It appears that what started off as an innocent question is actually a much more complex philosophical one which we may never know the answer to. Whether or not DeSean Jackson is, in fact, a Diva or if he is simply the product of mass hateration will have to be left to the great minds of our time to decide.

But for now, let’s just win.

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