Championship-starved LA fans release seven years of frustration

June 15, 2009 by Zaki  
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The Lakers’ victory over the Orlando Magic ended a seven-year championship drought that has dogged the city of Los Angeles since the Lakers won their third straight NBA title way back in 2002.

Fans took to the streets to release their years of pent-up frustration by trashing police cars, stomping on defenseless Toyota Corollas and looting nearby stores.

The LAPD was surprisingly cooperative throughout the night with early reports indicating that only 18 hoods were arrested despite widespread damage and looting.

“A lot of these guys were in high school last time the Lakers won a championship,” said one LA officer. “Unfortunately, most of them never left.”

Iguodala, Sixers take advantage of Lakers' absence from game

March 18, 2009 by Zaki  
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Andre Iguodala hit the game-winning three-point shot all up in the face of Lakers guard Trevor Ariza to give the Sixers a 94-93 win over the second-best team in the sport on Tuesday. The Sixers overcame a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter due in part by Donyell Marshall and Iguodala’s three-point shooting, but mostly due to 50 or so Laker turnovers and their general disinterest in dribbling, defending and shooting the basketball in the final quarter.

“I was somewhere else tonight, but it definitely wasn’t on the court,” said Kobe Bryant, who managed only 11 points to go with five turnovers. “Somewhere in the second quarter, it just hit me that I actually had Arizona making it to the Final Four as a 12th seed in the only bracket I filled out. What the [expletive] was I thinking, dog?”

Iguodala and the Sixers will look to win their fifth straight game when they face the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday.