Milwaukee’s vendetta against All-Star game leaves Ibanez sixth in outfield voting
Updated: May 27, 2009

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Major League Baseball’s All-Star game apparently slept with the Milwaukee’s wife or killed its first born because the city continues to piss on what used to be a proud fixture of Americana.

Bud Selig, baseball’s commissioner and former owner of the Brewers, signed his own declaration of war against the Midsummer Classic by enacting the “homefield advantage” rule in 2003.

Brewers fans have now picked up where Selig left off by voting for several of their undeserving players in this year’s contest. Bill Hall is currently hitting .223 with four homers and 11 RBIs and sits in second place, well ahead of Chipper Jones, Ryan Zimmerman and Aramis Ramirez at third base.

J.J. Hardy is hitting .247 with five homers and 23 RBIs and leads all NL shortstops in voting, ahead of Hanley Ramirez, Jimmy Rollins and Jose Reyes.

Best of all, Jason Kendall’s .206 average and zero homers were sufficient enough to earn him second place among NL catchers, ahead of Russell Martin, Ivan Rodriguez and Brian McCann.

Raul Ibanez, easily the most productive hitter in all of baseball, trails five other men in NL outfield voting, including suspended male-impersonator Manny Ramirez and Brewers outfielder Mike Cameron.

Baseball fans outside of Milwaukee are now permitted to cast their vote for deserving players, like Ibanez, and are encouraged to vote up to 25 times per email address.

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5 Responses to “Milwaukee’s vendetta against All-Star game leaves Ibanez sixth in outfield voting”

  1. Blue Ink Alchemist on May 28th, 2009 3:09 pm

    Only 25? Will that be enough to offset the staggering population of Milwaukee?

  2. Cry About It on May 30th, 2009 3:20 pm

    Cry about it. It’s not the fans fault that major league baseball allows this to happen. Sorry Brewers fans have a little bit of loyalty to their players. If Phillies fans cared about their team they would vote their players in.

  3. Zaki on May 30th, 2009 3:33 pm

    You’re right. Every fan base should just vote for their home players like Milwaukee did just to see who can get the most undeserving players voted into the game.

    It’s called an All-star game, and most of us use our votes to put the best players on the field to make the game interesting, not to see Jason Kendall and his Mendoza average and pitcher’s mound power.

    Don’t take it out on Raul just because the Phils tore through your Brewers last year. He wasn’t even on the team.

  4. John on June 21st, 2009 10:41 am


    Seriously, it has nothing to do with that. Hell, Brewers fans were so happy to be in the playoffs for the first time in 26 seasons that we didn’t care if they would’ve gotten swept. There’s no personal vendetta against Philadelphia Phillies, come on man, that’s just silly. We know that the Brewers didn’t stand a chance against the Phillies, we were just happy to be in the playoffs. All Brewers fans are doing is voting for their favorite players. The real question is “why aren’t Phillies fans doing the same?”

  5. Zaki on June 21st, 2009 12:53 pm

    Thanks for the comment John.

    The personal vendetta thing was just a joke. I know you guys were just voting for your favorite players, even though that’s just as bad.

    Phillies fans are doing exactly the same thing now (I don’t know the last time you checked the All-Star voting) but Jimmy Rollins and his .220 average are probably going to start in the game. To me, that’s equally as bad as J.J. Hardy starting, no matter what team the guys play for.

    I vote for deserving players, not the players I see everyday playing for my home team. If my home players deserve it, then that’s all the better.